Does Dementia Mean Your Aging Family Member Can Never Drive Again?

Homecare in Gastonia NC: Dementia and Senior Driving

Homecare in Gastonia NC: Dementia and Senior Driving


Driving is something that most people don’t think about, but a diagnosis of dementia can change that for your senior family member.  He might be able to keep driving for a little while, but there are some variables to consider.

It Depends on a Variety of Factors

There’s no one simple answer about whether an elderly family member with dementia can continue to drive or not.  Ultimately, if your aging adult is a safe driver, he may still be able to drive. The first step is to talk with his doctor.

Get the Full Picture

Your aging family member’s doctor can perform testing to help determine whether driving is still a good idea for him.  You might also want to schedule a driving evaluation with an expert in seniors and driving.  This helps you to see where any potential issues lie for your elderly family member.

Ease Your Aging Adult into the New Normal

This is a big change for you and for your senior.  He has likely been able to drive for many decades now and it’s not so easy to suddenly be unable to drive.  Keep your elderly family member involved in conversations about his driving status.  Leaving him out of these conversations is much more likely to leave him feeling as if you’re truly trying to take something away or punish him.

Ensure that He Has Options

The more options your elderly family member has, the better for him.  Ask other family members if they’re willing to sign up to be “on call” for certain days.  If you’re there with your aging adult every day, you can help to make transportation a no brainer.  But sometimes that might not be possible, which is where elder care providers can help transport your elderly family member.

Prepare for Occasional Resistance

Every now and again, your aging adult might rebel against no longer driving the way that he used to.  If you’re prepared for that, it is much easier to talk to your elderly family member about safety and your concerns for him.
With so many different factors involved, it’s important for you and your aging adult to take stock regularly about whether he feels safe and comfortable driving.

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