What To Do When Your Elderly Loved One Falls

It’s very common for elderly people to slip and fall because their balance and reflexes are simply not what they used to be. Some medications may make them dizzy, and conditions like low blood pressure, stiff joints, diabetes and more can affect their equilibrium. When a family caregiver sees their elderly loved one fall, they need to respond in the proper way to care for them right away and get them the help they need.


Homecare in Matthews NC: Senior Falls

Homecare in Matthews NC: Senior Falls


Of course, family caregivers should do all they can to minimize the risk of falling at the elderly person’s home. Home modifications can go a long way to removing hazards that may cause falls.


Even the best preparation can’t eliminate all falls, so when an elderly relative has fallen, family caregivers should take the following steps:


-Don’t help them up right away. Doing so could cause further problems with any injuries they might have. Also, doing so improperly could lead to another fall.
Ask them to relax and take some deep breaths. They will be in the beginning stages of panic, and this simple exercise can help them focus enough to answer questions.

-Check for injuries. Look for any skin discoloration, swelling or cuts and other signs of trauma.

-Ask for a self-assessment. Inquire if they are in pain or if anything hurts and look at the specific areas they mention.
If there is an injury or they say they are in pain, make them as comfortable as possible and call for medical help. If another family member or elder care aide is near, have them make the call so that the elderly person won’t be alone.

-Do not move them any more than is necessary or the injury could worsen. Supply a pillow for their head or a blanket to make them more comfortable as they wait for the medical team.

If the elderly person reports that they are not in pain anywhere, family caregivers can help them up.


Here are the proper steps to help an elderly person up from a fall:

-Place one chair near their head and one near their feet.
-Have them to roll to their side and give them support as they get to their knees, using the closest chair for support.
-Move the other chair behind them so they can sit down quickly once they get to their feet.
-Bring one of their legs forward with the foot on the floor.
-Giving plenty of support, ask the elderly person to push up from the chair and their foot to a standing position.
-Ease them gently into the second chair to rest further.


Even if the elderly person says they don’t feel any pain or dizziness, the family caregiver should keep a close eye on them to watch for any side effects of the fall. Sometimes, injuries may take a while to manifest afterward. It’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment with the doctor after a fall just to make sure the elderly person is really alright.

Falls for seniors can be very traumatic to both the body and mind. Having an attentive family caregiver or elder care assistant that knows what to do can minimize injury and get the elderly person some help as soon as possible.


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