How to Choose the Right Mobility Device

Senior Care in Mint Hill NC: Mobility Devices

Senior Care in Mint Hill NC: Mobility Devices

As people get older, sometimes they have difficulty getting around as well as they once did. Mobility issues can be caused by pain from conditions like arthritis, loss of balance, or weakness. If your parent is experiencing mobility problems, you should start with a visit to the doctor or a physical therapist who can make recommendations for mobility devices. However, ultimately it is up to your parent to make the decision about the mobility device that will work best for them. Once a device has been chosen, your parent may need assistance from you and from senior care providers to get the hang of using the device safely.

Steps for Choosing a Mobility Device.

When deciding on a mobility device, it’s important to think through the situation and make decisions based on your parent’s needs and wants. Here are some steps and questions to help you through the decision-making process:

  1. Assess the Situation: What are the specific problems your parent is having? Is the device needed for indoors, outdoors, or both? Are stairs an issue? What kinds of surfaces will your parent need the device on? Will your parent need the device all the time or only sometimes? Will transporting the device be an issue?
  2. Goal Setting: What does your parent hope to be able to do that they cannot do now? Are there some things that could be hindered by a mobility device?
  3. Find Out About the Options: What kinds of devices are available to your parent? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?
  4. Pick the One That is Best for Your Parent: Have your parent test several devices to find the one that is most comfortable to use and meets their needs. Does the device enable your parent to meet their goals? Do they like it? Is it easy to use? Will they need help learning to use the device?

Options Available.

There are three main types of mobility devices to choose from. They are:

  • Canes: Canes are a good choice for people who just need some assistance with balance and strength. They provide added stability to prevent falls and make moving easier. There are several different types of canes available, including single tip canes, quad-tip canes, and forearm canes.
  • Walkers: Walkers can help people with more significant balance issues and those who have difficulty with bearing weight on their legs. As with canes, there are also several types of walkers, including standard walkers that are picked up and moved as the person walks and walkers that have wheels at all four points (often called rollators).
  • Wheelchairs: If your parent is a significant fall risk or has paralysis or severe weakness, such as after a stroke, a wheelchair is likely to be the best option. Again, there are many kinds of wheelchairs, ranging from simple manual wheelchairs to sophisticated motorized wheelchairs.


Once your parent has chosen a mobility device, there will be an adjustment period. Seniors often need to be reminded to use the device or of how to use it safely. A senior care provider can be essential during this learning period as they can assist your parent with this new way of moving about.

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