How to Discuss Hearing Loss with Home Care Services near Huntersville NC!

Hearing loss is common among elderly individuals and it can have a significant impact on many facets of one’s life.  When an elderly person requires home care services, it’s important to discuss any hearing loss that has been noted with them.  This doesn’t mean that the in home care provider is responsible for doing anything about this, but it can make communication much easier and more effective for not only them, but also for your elderly loved one.

For some, bringing up the topic of hearing loss can be simple.  You may have noticed that your father is having trouble hearing certain things, so you might just bring it up with the in home care provider.  If this sounds like something that you would do, then you need to just make sure that you don’t overstep your boundaries.  Is this hearing loss something that has become common knowledge?  If it’s something that you suspect, then it could be something that your loved one isn’t quite aware of yet.

Hearing loss, or a loss of anything related to our senses, can be something that is very personal.  Some people might have a tendency to try and hide their hearing loss from those around them.  They might not want anyone to know that they are struggling to hear what’s being said to them.  They could develop some techniques to try and gather what’s being said to them.  If you mention this to the in home care provider without talking to them about it first, you could be overstepping your boundaries in the relationship.

If the hearing loss is something that has been openly discussed, but your loved one doesn’t rely on a hearing aid, or has a tendency to turn it off, then this can make the care that they receive more complicated.  In this case, then it’s necessary to make sure that home care services understand this aspect.  Would they be able to figure this out on their own?  Yes, more than likely they would, but in the time that it could take them to come to this realization, it could be placing your elderly loved one at some level of risk.

The best way to discuss hearing loss with your loved one would be to sit down with the elderly individual and the in home care service provider and bring it up.  This way the caregiver can determine the most effective way to communicate with their patient.

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