What is In-Home Care?

Looking for In-Home Care near Charlotte North Carolina?

  • home care charlotte ncHome Care provides an affordable alternative to institutional care, allowing you the privacy and dignity of maintaining your health care needs in your own home.Home care consists of services provided in your home by professional health care providers who are specially trained and experienced in providing for your maximum comfort. These services may be intermittent visits or extended continuous care.
  • Home Care is the fastest-growing segment of the health care industry. The rising costs of institutionalized care (nursing homes, hospitals, etc.) have led many individuals and health insurance companies to move to home healthcare services. Many patients need 24-hour care and can now be treated at home with a minimum of cost, utilizing live-in homecare. Live-in care is appropriate for those who may not be left alone or do not have the necessary support from family or friends.
  • Traditional hourly home care provides the necessary attention to care for the Client but for only short periods of time. Unlike other companies Affordable HomeCare requires no minimum hours. Personal care and daily living needs and some housekeeping is done during this time.
  • While cost savings are worthwhile, with Affordable HomeCare there is no reduction in the quality of care for our Clients. Home care Clients receive individualized personal care from one primary caregiver who also helps with housekeeping, laundry and meal preparation. Our services allow the person the option to remain in their own home, providing the comfort and familiarity that comes from living in their own secure surroundings.
  • Care is planned and monitored by our Quality Assurance Managers so you receive the best service possible. Unlike other companies, Affordable HomeCare uses many licensed nurses or Social Workers to provide professional oversite. For that reason Affordable HomeCare can work closely with your physician, nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist and medical social services, to design and follow a Care Plan that meets your specific needs.

Our Services

What Types of Services Can You Expect With Affordable HomeCare?

  • Personal assistance with all activities such as dressing, bathing, grooming, ambulation, and incontinence care, allows a person to stay independent in their home
  • Ongoing monitoring of individuals in the home helps prevent medical crisis and unnecessary hospitalization
  • Meal Planning and preparation encourages a healthy diet
  • Transportation to and from appointments or events prevents isolation, provides access to the community and increases socialization
  • Shopping and errands provide goods and supplies that are needed for the home.
  • Light housekeeping and laundry allows residents to conserve energy for desired activities while maintaining a clean household
  • Ongoing contact with the family addresses concerns of Client’s well being and provides relief and support
  • Companionship and conversation prevents isolation and loneliness that oftentimes leads to depression, while at the same time, stimulating interests and providing comfort and security
  • Available 7 days a week x 24 hours a day – No Minimums
  • Families obtain peace of mind
  • Maintains independence of disabled or home bound clients
  • Provides smooth transition from hospital to home environment with continuity of care
  • Effective, quality care in the security, privacy and comfort of the Client’s home, with family’s active involvement and support
  • Eliminates the anxiety for patient and family due to repeated hospitalizations
  • Significantly reduced financial burden
  • Family Caregivers are often stressed out, which changes the quality of their relationship
  • Eliminate Parent’s guilty feelings, having to ask their children for help
  • Peace of mind allows adult children to maintain their jobs and reduced stress at home
  • Friends and family visit more and visits are more pleasurable
  • Maintains control over home, diet and personal schedule
  • Can eat favorite foods!
  • Can keep pets they love!
  • Improved ambulation increases appetite and strength
  • Reduced incontinence equals higher self esteem and better skin integrity
  • Staying home avoids the depression commonly linked to an Institutionalized setting
  • Loved ones maintain their cherished belongings and familiar surroundings, which reduces fear, stress and anxiety

Affordable HomeCare provides in-home services to the elderly, infirm, and handicapped on a Hourly and Live –In basis since 2005. By providing dedicated caregivers we deliver excellent care with the highest level of dependability. Affordable HomeCare also provides Personal Emergency Response System(Medical Alarm Alert) to our loved ones that can get help with the touch of a button.

With our HomeCare services,every case is managed and supervised by a Field Supervisor, and as a quality assurance measure the Supervisor makes frequent announced and un-announced visits to each Client home.

Each of our caregiver employees is selected based on rigorous criteria and extensive background screening, and once hired they are put through an intensive orientation process that best prepares them to serve others in their own home.

All of our caregivers are directly employed by our agency and are fully insured (including workers compensation insurance) and fidelity bonded. In addition, because we directly employ our people we also handle all payroll tax administration.


  • Alzheimer’s / dementia care
  • Assistance after illness & surgery
  • Parkinson’s care
  • Meal preparation
  • Bathing and dressing assistance
  • Light housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Errands and shopping
  • Companionship
  • Assistance and guidance with daily living activities

All caregivers at Affordable HomeCare are directly employed by the agency and as such are fully bonded and insured (including workers compensation insurance).