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The sandwich generation gets its name from the growing tendency of Americans to marry and have children later in life, which forces them to simultaneously cope with both child-related expenses like college and the costs, in addition to caring for senior parents. All while engaged in full-time jobs. And those burdens will become all the greater because life expectancies are growing too.

These are long-term trends. Baby boomers populate today’s sandwich generation, but tomorrow it will embrace everyone. Caring for seniors will play an increasingly important role in everyone’s lives. That will make providing the resources to deliver the best form of care for seniors—whether that involves remaining in the family home or moving to a long-term care facility—an increasingly important priority for governments at all levels.

For many seniors, staying in the family home could be the best option. Those whose main problem is managing such daily tasks as cooking, bathing, taking their medications on schedule or getting dressed need assistance—but perhaps not round-the=clock. Policies that enable them to remain at home will take some of the pressure off long-term care facilities, which will be undergoing considerable expansions to meet the growth in the senior population.

Federal policies to assist in home care for seniors should complement support for long-term health care. For one thing, home care is less expensive than even the lowest level of long-term care, saving taxpayers considerably. The national average for 40 hours a week of one-to-one care in the home is $29,000. A year in a low-cost assisted living facility averages about $50,000 per year; a private room in a nursing home averages over $70,000.

Source: McKnights

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