Is Home Care in Charlotte, NC for You?

By Maria M. Meyer and Paula Derr, Contributing Writers

Discuss chronic care needs with the person’s medical team to learn what treatments; adjustments and other changes may be necessary. For some people, training to provide medical treatments, advice on coping with the challenges of chronic illness, and some long-range financial planning will be enough. For others, in-home personal assistance is the best option. Sometimes a nursing home or assisted living center is the better choice for everyone involved.

In making the decision for home care, it is important to be realistic about what the person in your care needs, and what you, the caregiver, can provide in terms of time, kinds of care, and financial responsibility. For example, deciding to hire an in-home attendant may be necessary if the primary caregiver works full time. Before this happens, it’s important to look at the financial and emotional issues that go along with this decision.


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