Keeping Active while Providing Senior Care in Charlotte NC!

If you are providing senior care for an elderly individual, whether it’s a loved one or a stranger, it’s important that you remain active.  One of the reasons for stating this is that, depending on the level of care that you’re providing to this individual, you may end up being generally more sedentary than you might within your own life, and on your own free time.

For those who have provided senior care to others, some may find humor in that statement.  If so, then you likely were providing a busy and physically exertive level of care.  For others, senior care service can encompass a wide range of services, spanning a broad spectrum of physical as well as emotion exertion.

So what happens if the elderly individual for whom you’re caring doesn’t require a great deal of assistance with basic needs?  What if they are able to get around their home well enough, still manage to cook their own meals and clean up after themselves without any help, and do the laundry?  If you’re wondering why anyone would even be needed in this situation, then you don’t fully understand the scope of senior health care services, or any type of senior home service.

The care provider could be monitoring the elderly patient’s health, making sure that he or she takes the proper medication at the proper time, or they might be called on to assist with any of the aforementioned tasks at any time.  But if you’re not active enough, then make a mental note to get more active during the time, or after, that you’re providing care to the elderly individual.

If the elderly patient can go for walks, if they are healthy enough for exercise and their doctor recommends it, then you can promote this as a regular activity.  If you must remain in the house during your time of care, then make a special effort to get more exercise outside of work.  This could simply include parking your car farther away from the doors, or entryway to the mall, or stores where you need to shop.  Take the garbage out.  Get up twenty minutes earlier in the day and take a quick stroll, or jog around the neighborhood.

When you’re providing senior care, it’s important that you not neglect your own health and well being while helping the patient manage theirs.  There are a number of things that you can do to remain healthy and happy throughout the year.

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