Putting Yourself Second while being a Caregiver near Concord NC Hurts more than Just You!

If you’re a caregiver for a loved one, do you have a tendency to put yourself second?  If so, then you might be causing more than just minor problems for yourself.  You could end up hampering the care that you’re providing to your loved one.

If this doesn’t make much sense to you, then think about this: when you’re worried about someone else, when you put their needs ahead of your own to the point when you are giving up some things that are important to you, what happens when enough time transpires?  In many cases, you’ll find that you will end up being resentful of the person who is receiving the care you’re offering.

The phone might ring in the evening after you’ve just put in a long day at work and the only thing you want to do is rest and spend time with your own family, so maybe you don’t answer the phone.  It’s your elderly loved one, and in the back of your mind you’re wondering if he may be calling because of another non emergency ‘emergency’ that he’s experiencing, or this is really an emergency situation.

Over time, when you put someone else ahead of your own care, it can lead to a number of other issues.  That’s why it’s a good idea to gather the right information about in home care providers so that you can determine whether you are fully capable and willing of placing your loved one’s needs ahead of your own, and how long you’re willing to do that, or if you should hire a professional.

There are other reasons, too, why putting yourself second can hurt more than just you. It could have an effect on your work, if you have a career.  You might be missing some days at work, calling out sick to take care of your mother or father, or going in late.  You might also be leaving work early.

What about if you’re missing certain events in the lives of people who are most important to you?  What if you miss a concert for your child?  What if you cancel a special night out with friends?

The impact that being a caregiver for a family member can have on the rest of your life can have an impact far beyond your own life.  Consider the impact, and the level of care that you can actually provide, before agreeing to be a caregiver for a parent.  If you want the best for them, and want to enjoy your life, consider an in home care provider.

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