Respect Your Parent’s Senior Care Wishes in Charlotte, NC

August 1st is Respect for Parents Day and while it’s odd that we should even have a day to highlight one of the most basic, fundamental principles in life, there it is. For the elderly parent whom you feel needs some form of senior care, it can be easy to forget this little bit of advice.Senior Care Charlotte NC

You may have gone over to visit your elderly mother or father and noticed that he or she is having trouble with their own basic care. You might have gone home concerned and talked about it with some other family members. They might have agreed and between you all, it was decided that your aging parent needed some type of senior careservices.

Yet when you brought the topic up with them, they were adamant. “I don’t need help,” or “I won’t have some stranger coming into my home to take care of me,” or some other statement that you may not be able to repeat in good company.

At the time, you could have felt hurt by their stance. You could have felt that the work you did to find out if it was just your imagination or if there was some truth to it was all for nothing. If you researched different senior home care providers or agencies in the area, then you may feel that even more work and time just went out the window.

It can feel like such a waste, and that’s when anger and frustration can set it. You may feel in your heart, without a doubt, that you’re right and that your parent’s insistence on not getting any help is a dangerous thing. This could lead you to lash out and tell him or her that they are making a mistake, that they don’t know what they’re doing, or that they should really rethink their stance.

They may only need a slight bit of help around the house and they could be asking someone else in your family or a friend or neighbor. This could make you even more adamant in your position.

If you don’t respect your parent’s wishes regarding senior care, it could cause a wealth of problems between the two of you. Tension at any stage of a relationship, or at any age, can be tough to deal with.

Step back and remember that your parent, even though you may know he or she needs help, is still an independent, free thinking individual and you need to find a way to respect their wishes at this time.

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