Is Emotional Wellness an Important Part of Being a Caregiver?

Being a family caregiver for your aging parent is something that requires you to devote your time, energy, effort, and resources to the well-being of another. This is more than just understanding your parent’s physical needs and meeting them. You must also take into consideration their emotional needs and well-being, and take steps to support them. While you are doing this, however, it is critical that you not overlook your own needs and their importance in the quality of care that you are able to give your parent throughout your care relationship with them.


Senior Care in Gastonia NC: Emotional Wellness for Seniors and Caregivers

Senior Care in Gastonia NC: Emotional Wellness for Seniors and Caregivers


These issues are referred to as “emotional wellness”. This is being aware of your feelings and being willing to accept them, rather than denying them, and handling them in the way that is right for them. Maintaining emotional wellness is important for both your aging parent and for you as their family caregiver. Focusing on maintaining this type of wellness boosts the quality of life, improves perspective, and helps you to manage the challenges, frustrations, and other difficulties that arise.


Some ways that you can pursue better emotional wellness include:

• Take the time to be aware of your feelings, not to suppress them. Rather than pushing your thoughts and feelings away, even when they are difficult, accept them and be present in them

• Make an effort to exhibit a positive attitude in all that you do, even when you are facing difficult issues and challenges. This does not mean ignoring negativity, but rather, choosing to maintain positivity and see each situation with optimism and the ability to handle it effectively

• Ask yourself if you are balancing all of your obligations and challenges effectively, and if there are changes that you could make to better balance these needs

• Look at your life and create priorities. Make sure that those priorities make sense and are in the appropriate order, and that you are willing to invest your time and efforts in the way that will help you to address these priorities

• Find healthy and constructive ways to ease and manage stress

• Seek out and accept support from others


Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult is challenging, but elderly care can make a tremendous difference in your parent’s quality of life, and your own experience as their caregiver. An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on a fully customized schedule to ensure that they get all of the care that they need, while also supporting independence and keeping you at the forefront of their care routine.

Through a highly personalized set of services, this care provider can help your parent to stay safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy while encouraging greater independence, activity, and engagement as they age in place.


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