Senior Care in Hunterville, NC: Jell-O Jigglers

Many people experience a decrease in appetite and difficulty eating during the summer. The extreme heat and associated fatigue make it difficult for many people to maintain a quality diet, and experience health consequences because of it. Part of your senior care efforts should be encouraging your aging loved one to stay well hydrated and maintain a proper diet even during the hottest months of the year. This can be a considerable challenge, but with a little bit of creativity you can make keeping your aging loved one healthy during the summer fun.

Making Jell-O jigglers is a great way to get your children involved in your senior care activities, and encourage hydration in every member of the family. While you may not think of Jell-O as a particularly hydrating food, the water content helps to keep your mouth feeling refreshed, in your body feeling cool. By making jigglers, you are adding a little bit of fun and whimsy to this classic dessert, and giving yourself a relaxed, simple, and indoor activity to enjoy on the hottest afternoons of the summer season.

Senior Care in Hunterville, NCTo make it Jell-O jigglers you will need:

Two boxes of your favorite flavor of gelatin

Boiling water

A jellyroll pan

Cookie cutters

Start by dissolving the gelatin in the boiling water. Read the back of the box to determine how much boiling water you will need. You will not use any cold water in this recipe, so completely skip this step that indicates adding ice water to your Jell-O. Be very careful to dissolve all of the gelatin powder in the boiling water. Once the gelatin is dissolves, pour it into the jellyroll pan. Make sure that you are using a pan with high enough that the sides contain all of the dissolved mixture.

Set this pan into the refrigerator and allow the gelatin firm for at least three hours. Once the Jell-O has set, remove it from the refrigerator and dip the bottom in one inch of very hot water for 15 seconds. This will help to loosen up the Jell-O in the pan so that is easier to remove. Use cookie cutters in fun shapes to cut out pieces of the gelatin. Remove him carefully using your fingers or a narrow spatula. For added fun, use tinted whipped topping and fruit to decorate your jigglers. These shapes can be eaten on their own or served on top of a fruit and whipped topping parfait for a sweet, cool dessert.

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