Senior Care Matthews NC: 15 Warning Signs your Senior Isn’t a Safe Driver

Is your parent in their later years but still driving around?  If you’re wondering at what point they should no longer be driving, keep reading.  Today we’re going to talk about unsafe driving practices and signs that tell you it’s time for your elderly parent to stop driving.  A lot of seniors don’t even realize that they’re making these mistakes, or they think it’ll be okay. During this time of their life, it can be hard to get your parent to accept help when they’ve been so independent for many decades.  Here are the riskiest and most obvious signs that you should take your senior out of the driver’s seat:

  1. Drifting into other lanes
  2. Getting easily confused in the middle of traffic
  3. Suddenly making lane changes without checking
  4. Misses and ignoring traffic signals and stop signs
  5. Backing up after missing a road or an exit
  6. More often having close calls
  7. Scrapes their car on curbs, fences, mailboxes, etc.
  8. Driving at a much lower speed than posted
  9. Having problems turning their head far enough to see traffic
  10. Failure to turn on signal when turning
  11. Stopping or braking abruptly without cause
  12. More nervous when driving than usual
  13. Gets easily lost or becomes disoriented even on familiar roads
  14. Has had 2 or more tickets or warnings in the last 2 years
  15. Straddling lanes when driving

Do any of those situations sound familiar with your parent?  Even only having a few of them still makes your aging mother or father a traffic risk for themselves and everyone else on the road.  If they’re worried about mobility and independence, you can hire senior care services and have a caregiver that will take your parent to do grocery shopping, go to church, errands, and other transportation related activities.  They don’t need to be stuck at home just because they can’t drive anymore.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your elderly loved one about their driving, you can still show your concern for their safety by calling a local Department of Motor Vehicles.  If you think your parent would be okay with a little brushing up on their driving skills, there are classes available for drivers age 60+ who probably have never looked back from their first driving test.  They’ll be learning anew the safety and rules of the road, reinforcing how to eliminate distractions, and managing their age-related changes.  When completing a course like this, your parent can often get an insurance discount, and that convinces many elderly people to take it.  Ask your parent how they feel about their driving and let them know about the many benefits of taking such a class.  This is a good way to prove to your parent whether or not they can still drive safely.

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