Senior Care near Weddington NC: Driving is No Longer an Option?

“ A story regarding when Mom no longer has the option of driving “

Melinda had been driving since before she could actually get a drivers license.  Of course, she wouldn’t admit that to her son or daughter until they were both much, much older, but she would drive her father’s pickup truck on the farm when she was 11, sometimes with permission, sometimes without.  So when she was 82 and she was involved in the second minor mishap while behind the wheel, she was worried that driving would soon be something that she could no longer do.

For Melinda, driving was a part of her; it was a part of her independence.  She couldn’t even begin to imagine how she would get around without a car.  She never had to do that, and she didn’t know the first thing about buses or cabs or anything else like that. However, when the police officer cited her for an infraction and ordered her to be evaluated by the DMV, she knew that driving was just about over for her.

She told her daughter about the situation and she wept slightly, thinking of what she was losing, and feeling as though she was going to be isolated now.  Yet her daughter told her that there were options that could help her, such as senior care.

Melinda didn’t ever think that she would need senior care services, but since she didn’t think she’d ever have to give up driving, things were certainly changing for her.  Now she had to seriously think about this option.

While she felt as though she was managing her own care at home just fine, she had to admit that there were times when she could use a bit of assistance.  She was having more trouble getting down the stairs to the basement to do the laundry, for one thing. The cold air in that basement also made her arthritis act up.  She also felt unbalanced at times when she would step into the shower.

The more that she thought about it, the more that the notion of senior care appealed to her.  “But would they drive me to the store?  Or to certain activities or appointments?” she asked her daughter, to which she replied, “We’d have to talk to them about that, but I believe certain caregivers are more than willing to drive you to the store, appointments, and other basic places.”

Melinda met with a potential caregiver and knew right away that this was going to work out.  She missed driving, but thanks to senior care, she still had her independence.

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