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One of the more common complaints some elder care providers hear from seniors is that they feel isolated or alone. This is increased when people begin to lose their ability to get around. SocialSenior-Care-Charlotte-NC media, which is something some people think is only related to the younger generations, is increasing steadily for individuals over the age of 65. In fact, this age group is the quickest growing demographic using the Internet and social media.

A recent study from Pew Research related to the use of social media in America showed that 56 percent of total people who are over the age of 65 use Facebook regularly. Also, the study, which was performed in 2013, noted that 59 percent of individuals who are over the age of 65 use the Internet for general purposes.

Regardless of the reason some older adults may still be avoiding the Internet, there is quite a bit of new research that suggests if they do use it, social media can help to improve their cognitive capacity, increase their overall sense of self-competence, and may result in a positive impact on physical and mental well-being.

Humans are social creatures, which means it is no surprise that seniors will do better when they have the ability to connect with others. If it is noticed that a senior is not actively using social media, and they seem to appear isolated or lonely, this is something that may need to be introduced into their lives. Platforms such as Skype and Facebook allow seniors to instantly connect with friends, long-lost acquaintances, and family members.

In addition to social media helping a senior stay connected, it can also be beneficial in diagnosing a number of health issues and medical information. Most doctors, clinics and other professional businesses have social media pages, where the senior can connect with their care providers when necessary. This is yet another benefit offered by social media.

There are some seniors who may seem to shy away from the use of this technology. While this is only natural – since it is unknown to them – it is also something their adult child and even elder care provider can help them become comfortable using. Take the time to purchase a computer or tablet designed for seniors, once with larger print or more lighting, to make using social media more comfortable. This will help to enhance the senior’s experience further.

Loneliness and isolation in seniors is an all too common issue. Regardless of the senior’s mobility or health concerns, they can benefit from social media. This is one of the easiest ways to quickly connect with family members and friends who are nearby and those who are further away. While the senior may need a bit of help with this to begin with, once they get the hang of how to use social media and what it has to offer, there is a good chance their feelings of isolation and loneliness will fade.


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