How Can You Cope When You Have Multiple Responsibilities?

Elder Care in Mint Hill NC: It’s not unusual these days for a family caregiver to have multiple layers of responsibility. You may need to care for your aging adult, your children, your career, and countless other responsibilities. How you cope makes all the difference.

Safety Tips for Rainy Weather

Elder Care in Mint Hill NC Spring can bring beautiful sunny days, mildly warm weather, and blooming flowers and trees.  However, it can also bring many rainy, windy days that can create safety hazards for elderly adults.  Keeping your elderly loved one safe is a top priority during any season of the year, spring included, […]

Joint Health and Elderly Care near Mint Hill NC: How You Can Help!

As we age, cartilage and connective tissue becomes weak and begins to break down. This can lead to the painful inflammation of the joints known as arthritis.  There are ways that you can help address joint health as a part of elderly care. Helping an elderly person, who is living with the pain of arthritis, […]

Elderly Care in Mint Hill NC: Companions Helping with Holiday Shopping and More!

The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned shoppers.  The lines, the returns, searching for deals, and parking, can make holiday shopping a difficult task, so imagine the trouble your elderly loved ones may experience during this time.  A great solution to this issue is an elder care […]

Elder Care in Mint Hill, NC: Palliative Care

One aspect of elder care is palliative care, which is also known as end of life care. Elderly men and women who are able to have a say in their end of life care usually have very similar requests. It is important to know what elderly relatives want when they reach the end of elder […]