Caregiver-Drugs on the Horizon for Those with Alzheimer’s

Elder Care in Waxhaw NC: The National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s was released in 2012. It allocates $50 million to support Alzheimer’s research. The goals are to prevent and treat the disease by 2025 as well as optimize care, expand support, increase awareness and track progress.

Recognizing Poisoning Challenges That Can Arise during the Holiday Season

Elder Care in Waxhaw NC The holiday season is all about fun, memories, tradition, and quality time with friends and family, but as a family caregiver it is important that you also keep in mind the potential risks that can arise during this time. One of the risks that you might not immediately think of […]

Healthy Lung Month and Elderly Care

Elder Care in Waxhaw NC Because delicate tissues found inside the lungs are connected directly to the outside environment, the lungs are considered an organ that differs from any other in the human body. Therefore, during the observance of Healthy Lung Month in October, it’s important to look into ways to reduce risks associated with […]