Is Elder Care Assistance the Right Option for Your Loved One?

Senior Care in Weddington NC: You may be wondering if home care services are right for your senior. These situations can help you to decide.

How Can You Help Your Loved One to Stay Independent Longer?

Elder Care in Weddington NC Many elderly loved ones want to remain independent. Whether that means for them continuing to live on their own or it simply means that they don’t need much help from others, it can be a big deal. If your loved one is clamoring for more independence, here are some ideas […]

Myths and Realities about Parkinson’s Disease

Elder Care in Weddington NC In your elder care journey with your aging loved one, you are likely to encounter complications and health issues that you may not have anticipated, or that you do not feel entirely prepared to help him through as his family caregiver. When you hear a diagnosis that you were not […]

Elder Care in Weddington, NC: Keeping Life Interesting with Creativity

No matter what type of elder care a senior citizen is receiving, there is no reason to stop being a creative person. Many senior adults have created amazing masterpieces into their 8th and 9th decades. It does not matter if the creativity oozes out in writing, photography, yoga, needlecrafts, or a fine art, staying creative […]