What Do You Need to Know about Lighting to Help Prevent a Fall for Your Aging Adult?

Elderly Care in Gastonia NC: When you think about helping your aging adult avoid a fall, you might not realize that lighting can be one of the easiest ways to help her stay safe. The more you learn about lighting, the more help you can provide your senior in avoiding a fall.

5 Surprising Culprits that Can Make Incontinence Worse for Your Elderly Loved One

Incontinence can be a big issue for your elderly loved one. It’s a good idea to work with her doctor to determine what could be triggering it and making it worse. Beyond the typical causes, such as muscle weakness and medication side effects, there are other causes or triggers that you might not think about. […]

Tips for Getting Medical Information Organized

Elderly Care in Gastonia, NC Being organized is a very important aspect of life, however far too many people take this for granted. When it comes to elderly care, the more organized that the patient is, as well as the caregiver, the easier it will be to get the highest level of care possible. Below […]

I Don’t Spend Much Time with Dad, What Elder Care Activities near Gastonia, NC Would Help?

“One Daughter asking Caregiver’s for Activities she could do with her Dad” near Gastonia, NC” I was never one to spend a lot of time with my father. When I was growing up, he was traveling and working all the time. To see him on the sidelines at one of my soccer games was usually […]

Elderly Care in Gastonia, NC: June is Aphasia Awareness Month

Aphasia is a language disorder. It comes from the ancient Greek word aphatos which means disturbance. What do we know about aphasia? There is dysfunction in specific regions of the brain which comprehend and formulate words into language. Patient has difficulty remembering words. May lose abilities to read, speak or write words. Visual language (for […]