Are You Actively Engaging Your Loved One in Wellness Activities?

Wellness isn’t something that just happens, especially as your loved one grows older. It takes keeping up with some specific activities and tasks. Here are some that you and your loved one can try together. Work Closely with Her Doctor. Your first step is to work closely with your loved one’s doctor. You’ll want to […]

Why is Your Parent with Parkinson’s Disease Whispering?

Home Care in Charlotte NC Around 60,000 people this year will join the approximately 1 million others throughout the United States who have received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. If you are a family caregiver for one of those people it is likely that you are starting a journey that you did not expect to […]

Home Care Can Help Family Caregivers Find Balance in Their Lives

Home Care in Charlotte NC It’s not always easy to take care of an elderly loved one at home. Many family caregivers struggle to find balance between caring for their elderly loved one and fulfilling the other responsibilities in their life. People who try to find balance often experience a significant amount of stress and […]