The Flu and the Elderly: When Should You Call the Doctor?

Home Care in Gastonia, NC: The flu can be a very dangerous situation for an elderly adult. These seniors tend to be more vulnerable than younger people due to lower immune systems.

How to Write up an Agenda for a Family Meeting

Home Care in Gastonia NC When you’re holding a family meeting about your elderly loved one’s health and care, having an agenda can really keep you on schedule and on task. If you’ve never written one before, though, it can be intimidating. Set Aside Time for Sharing All of the different members of your family […]

4 Activities to Keep Seniors in Home Care Active in Their Community

Home Care in Gastonia NC In-home care is much different than a nursing home because it allows seniors who need minimal assistance the opportunity to stay at home, while still getting the help they need from a caregiver. Since most of their time is spent at home, feelings of isolation can be a big problem, […]