Home Care Charlotte, NC: Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day

Cancer survivors share a common thread of victory over a significant health threat. Most of these people have learned to take it one step at a time and one day at a time. They have learned to celebrate life more and criticize less. They have learned to be more educated about themselves, their healthcare, their diet and their lifestyle.

With Cataracts, Misinformation Seems to Abound in Charlotte NC

¬†With Cataracts, Misinformation Seems to Abound (HealthDay News) — When medical experts talk about prevalence, they’re usually referring to how common a particular disease might be. But in the case of cataracts, they might just as well be talking about how common it is to uncover misinformation and misunderstanding about the condition. Cataracts are a […]

Safe Home Care in Charlotte, NC

If you have an elderly family member living with you, it is most important that you keep the house safe. The requirements are not very similar to what you will watch for when dealing with a baby, so do not apply the same rules here. Elderly people have many other problems which you must be mindful of, and provide for them in accordingly.

In-Home Care Services

Home Care provides an affordable alternative to institutional care, allowing you the privacy and dignity of maintaining your health care needs in your own home. Home care consists of services provided in your home by professional health care providers who are specially trained and experienced in providing for your maximum comfort. These services may be intermittent visits or extended continuous care.

Choosing the Right Help

our success is based upon the quality of Personal Assistants we provide. We recruit and select individuals based on their skill, dedication and ability to be compassionate in their work. We take great care to assure a good match between the Personal Assistant and those they serve. Primary dedicated Personal Assistant who lives in the home day and night, assures consistency and dependability.


The cost of quality private home care from Affordable HomeCare is far less than ordinary home care agencies. Live-in care costs less than most nursing homes and assisted living facilities! Our personal care services offer an affordable alternative to institutional care, providing you with the privacy and dignity of maintaining your non-medical personal care needs in your own home. Many clients do not require skilled nursing treatment and can be cared for at home with minimum cost.