Is Your Parent Spending Too Much on Prescription Medications?

Caregiver in Waxhaw NC: Your dad’s doctor has him taking medications for depression and Alzheimer’s. You know the medications are necessary. The problem is your dad’s insurance only pays so much. His fixed retirement income doesn’t allow for increased medication costs.

In Elderly, Risks Differ for Indoor Versus Outdoor Falls in North Carolina

For seniors living at home, something as simple as falling can become an issue. If you or your loved one is receiving home care, please do what you can to prevent injuries from falling.

School’s On for Seniors in Rowan County, NC

Senior citizens who still yearn to learn may have the opportunity to do so free of charge, a welcome prospect for seniors crunched in the currently stressed economy.

Do You Have a Depressed Parent in Catawba County, NC?

7 million Americans over age 65 suffer from the disease, and many are not getting the help they need. Here’s how to make sure your mom or dad isn’t one of them.